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TOPIC: New Installation - help needed please!

New Installation - help needed please! 3 years 11 months ago #4222


I've purchased and installed Quicksell File Seller on my website www.brucepaine.co.nz from which I hope to sell music PDFs, audio and videos.

The installation went smoothly and I've set up my products to sell, following instructions, video tutorials and forum posts.

Unfortunately I'm one of those who is seeing the never-ending loop problem when testing the PayPal payment process via my sandbox account. I'm receiving the "Congratulations! Succesful order has been placed on your website" email, letting me know an order has been placed. However, I'm not receiving the email to the customer requesting confirmation of the order. It should be going to my gmail address which is the sandbox login.

In my main PayPal account (where transactions are to be received) I've set IPN to my web address www.brucepaine.co.nz with message delivery enabled.

Joomla email configuration is set to SMTP using an address attached to my cPanel domain name. I'd rather not set it to gmail because I'm using my gmail account for PayPal testing purposes.

I remembered to enable testing by checking the PayPal 'sandbox (test mode)'. It is still set while I seek a solution to the problem.

On the forum I saw mention of a problem to do with the selected currency. I'm based in New Zealand and want to set my local currency. However, I've tried both US$ and NZ$ with the same result i.e. no customer order confirmation request email received.

I have run out of options and turn to the experts for advice.

What do you recommend?
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New Installation - help needed please! 3 years 11 months ago #4223

P.S. I have set up a product with a low price under my archives menu for testing purposes...
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New Installation - help needed please! 3 years 11 months ago #4224

For the benefit of anyone who has viewed this post, I have found the answer to the problem I was experiencing.

In order to carry out PayPal testing, I had to take care of the following:
1. Upgrade my existing PayPal personal account to a business account.
2. Log in to the PayPal developer dashboard using my usual PayPal login credentials at developer.paypal.com
(Note: I found this confusing because it looks exactly the same as the normal PayPal login screen and the URL temporarily changes to www.paypal.com during the login process.)
3. Then go to Sandbox Accounts via the left panel options. There you can see two default accounts already set up. One is to act as the merchant account, the other acts as the customer account. These can be used for testing or you can create new accounts.
4. Make sure the two Sandbox accounts are using email addresses that you can access. In my case I just created two email accounts under my domain but you could use gmail or any other account you have access to. You can edit the email address via each Sandbox account edit option. Note: I did not change the default passwords that were already assigned.
5. I made sure my QuickSell configuration for PayPal was set to the merchant account sandbox email address, and set to Sandbox testing.
6. Then I was able to properly test buying items from my site using the customer sandbox email and password.

I hope this is helpful to others. I have to say it took me a long time to locate and establish the Sandbox accounts. I'm not sure why but I found navigating PayPal screens confusing and really I only found my way to the Sandboxes by accident. Now it is working 100%.
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